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Office Headquarters: Irvine, CA

Lab Location: Irvine, CA    

Service Areas: All US State

Accreditation: AABB, CB, ISO/9001

Total 1st Year Cost: $2,300 (includes personal Concierge Service™)

Annual Storage Fee: $150

Special Promotions & Discounts

- 10 month, interest-free installment plans available.

- 24 month payment plan available.

- Pacificord offers additional discounts including: special discounts available for military families, select government employees, returning clients, twins and healthcare professionals.

- Various promotions offered throughout the year.  When calling ask about the latest promotion from Pacificord.

Pacificord Pricing Plans

1st Year Storage Plan

$2450 1 Year Plan

-$150 Discount

  • Includes Enrollment & Collection Kit Fee
  • Includes Cord Blood AXP™ Processing
  • Includes PacifiCord Cord Blood Concierge™ Service
  • Includes 1 Year of BioArchive® Storage ($150 value)

*Total Price including 1 Year of BioArchive® Storage: $2300

($150 yearly storage fee due every year after the 1st year of storage)

18 Year Storage Plan

$5000 18 Year Plan

-$750 Prepaid Storage Discount

  • Includes Enrollment & Collection Kit Fee
  • Includes Cord Blood AXP™ Processing
  • Includes PacifiCord Cord Blood Concierge™ Service
  • Includes 2 Years Free BioArchive® Storage ($300 value)

Total Price including 20 Years BioArchive® Storage: $4250

Why Customers Choose Pacificord

What PacifiCord does is optimal, not just what is acceptable in the handling and storage of stem cells. PacifiCord is FDA registered and has proudly invested in the latest technology used by the world’s foremost cord blood banks.

Using the BioArchive®, the world’s leading liquid nitrogen cryopreservation and storage system specifically designed for the tracking, retrieval and storage of cord blood, not only ensures that the cord blood stem cells will remain viable for decades, but the cryogenic system enables PacifiCord to properly follow the Guidelines for Collection, Processing and Storage of Cord Blood Stem Cells as published by the New York State Department of Health. As noted in the guidelines, cord blood stem cells are to be stored at -196 degrees Celsius and stored undisturbed while completely submerged under liquid nitrogen.

PacifiCord also uses the FDA cleared AXP™ AutoXpress ™ contaminant-free system, which individually and precisely processes the sample to eliminate excess contaminants that have been known to cause complication at the time of transplant. Published studies show that using the AXP to process cord blood stem cells also allows PacifiCord to achieve the highest and most consistent mononuclear cell recoveries in the industry.

In addition, PacifiCord goes above and beyond by ensuring sterility and ease of collection for deliveries performed by C-Section by using the FDA approved cord blood collection bag and FDA approved anticoagulant CPD within their collection kits. PacifiCord also stands behind their $50,000 Guarantee and their Cord Blood Concierge Service™, offering a personal courier service to clients.

Pacificord Cord Blood Banking Services

  • Global Best Practices
  • Consultative Approach
  • Tours of Facility
  • Meet with Their Healthcare Educators
  • Specialty Transport – The person picking up your cord blood is the same person delivering it safely to their lab for processing.
  • Best Technologies
  • Most Comprehensive Cord Blood Report

International Accreditation

  • FDA Registered
  • Standing Member of the Better Business Bureau
  • The Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditations Scheme (HOKLAS)
  • College of American Pathologists (CAP)
  • American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI)
  • American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) Accreditation
  • The Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT)
  • ISO 900:2000
  • ISO 15189
  • ISO 17025
  • ISO 9001

Company Overview

PacifiCord™ in association with five additional cord blood bank locations and three research and development subsidiaries worldwide is a member of the Healthbanks Biotech family of companies, which for over 20 years has been a leader in pharmaceuticals, stem cell therapy and research.

When it comes to the quality and long-term viability of stem cells, PacifiCord focuses on what truly matters; adhering to global best practices. Using the industry’s most advanced technology available today, PacifiCord is one of the very few family cord blood banks to adopt the optimal methods and technologies of the world’s leading cord blood banks, including that of the New York Blood Center.

In conjunction with the Healthbanks Biotech family, PacifiCord has also invested millions of dollars in relevant research and development projects, including those involving umbilical cord blood stem cells. While performing research on their own, they also continue to work with researchers at a wide range of universities, research organizations and medical institutions, such as:

  • University of Kansas Medical Center, in a research project to develop a vaccine for HIV
  • Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute, in research to treat neurodegeneration, including such disorders and diseases as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple Sclerosis, and ALS
  • Johns Hopkins University, Taiwan University in research to develop an HPV vaccine for the treatment of cervical cancer, and development of applications for the treatments of HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Avian influenza
  • Taipei Veterans General Hospital research using mesenchymal stem cells derived from cord blood for neuro, cardiovascular and bone regeneration, including tissue and organ repair
  • Cell Stem Biotech Inc., in the research and development of breakthrough vaccines using cord blood stem cells
  • UCLA , National Taiwan University, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan’s Industrial technology Research Institute to bring breakthroughs in cell expansion, as well as research for treatments of diseases, disorders and injuries, such as those affected by spinal cord injuries

Free Info Kit

Call 1-888-379-2670 to talk to a cord blood specialist from Pacificord