Close to picking out a cord blood bank?  Protect yourself by getting ALL the information.  Ask the cord bank you have in mind the following questions before you sign the dotted line.

What collection method is used?

There are two methods, gravity or syringe, and you should make sure to not only ask what type of method the family cord blood bank uses, but understand the differences between them.  Get more info by reading our detailed description on cord blood collection methods.

What tools and equipment are provided in the collection kit?  Are there any extra pieces of equipment or spare parts?

Most of the collection kits include everything you need to collect your baby’s cord blood, but there can be small differences between cord banks so it is a good idea to confirm exactly what is in the kit so that nothing is over looked.  Spare equipment is always a nice-to-have in case any of the equipment is faulty or should break.

Who is responsible for coordinating with the doctor and hospital staff?

Coordination efforts can vary widely between banks so it is important to know what you, as a parent, are responsible for to help avoid communication problems with the delivery staff.

How much does shipping cost?  Is it included in the total first year cost estimate?

When comparing cord blood banking prices, make sure to find out if shipping is included in the quote.  At first glance, one cord blood bank can appear to be cheaper than another, but that might be because one includes shipping and the other does not.

If shipping is included then ask…

What company do they use?  Do they use a courier?

Find out what company the bank uses and if they guarantee to get the cord blood to the lab and processed within a certain timeframe.  Some courier services even offer options where they literally have a specific person responsible for your package rather than just tracking it electronically.

How does the cord blood get to the shipping company?

Some cord banks literally pick up the package from the hospital while others ask you to designate a family member or friend to take the package to the shipping company.

If shipping is NOT included… then you will want to review our list of companies that offer cord blood shipping services and read more detailed information about how to pick a shipping company.