Choosing a cord blood bank can be overwhelming and downright stressful.  However, if you start the process early and follow the steps outlined in this article we think you will find the process very manageable and in fact, you might even be pleasantly surprised.

Where Should I Start

There are over 25 private cord blood banks in the United States.  So, unless you want to spend weeks searching the internet and gathering data about each individual bank, we highly recommend reviewing a complete list of the leading private cord blood companies (click link to view comparison table). This is an excellent place to start.  It provides users with an introduction to all the companies available and allows you to compare key attributes of each company, such as cost and accreditation.

Get ALL the Information

After viewing all the cord blood banking reviews, you will find yourself wanting a little more detail.  What type of collection process do they use?  How is the cord blood shipped?  Where are the banks laboratories located?  And a whole lot more.  To get more detailed information, you can request information kits from the banks you are interested in.  They are completely free, and a great way to review all the detailed information of each cord blood company.

Interview the Company and Talk to a Representative

Now that you have had a chance to review information packages and the details of the banks you are interested in, it is time to get on the phone and talk to a representative.  We cannot stress enough, how important this step is.  It allows you to ask tough and challenging questions to the company and more importantly gives you the opportunity to feel them out.  You may hit it off and develop a great rapport and good feeling about the company or you may decide that the particular bank just is not for you.  For a list of great interview questions visit our cord blood resource guide.

Rely on the People You Trust

It is likely that after taking all the above steps you will still be left choosing between two or three cord blood banks that all seem very comparable.  That is OK!  There are a lot of good private cord blood banks out there and making a selection can be difficult.  The final step we like to recommend is for you to talk to your most trusted friends and family.  Especially good resources can be folks that have already gone through the cord blood banking process as they can share their experiences.  Be careful though and only listen to the people you know and trust as many banks offer financial incentives for referrals.

The bottom line is that choosing a private cord blood bank is something that can take a bit of time, but in the long run can be a very rewarding experience.  There is no right answer, so digest all the information slowly and choose the company that best fits your family’s needs.