Key Metrics
Total First Year Cost$1,975
Annual Storage Fee$125
Contact Number800-490-2673
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Company Overview

Founded in 1997, FamilyCord is a subsidiary of the California Cryobank. FamilyCord uses cryogenic technology to store cord blood stem cells in order to safeguard the future health of clients and their families. FamilyCord’s strengths include the expertise and understanding of laboratory processing and cryogenic storage of Eddie Jacildo, DLM, MT, CLS, along with the stem cell transplant expertise of Dr. Michael Lill. FamilyCord was the first private cord blood bank in California. Today FamilyCord is a recognized leader in umbilical cord blood stem cells collection, processing, and storage. California Cryobank and FamilyCord are helping an ever-growing number of people to realize their need of raising healthy children.