Quickly and easily compare cord blood banks by reviewing the data in the comparison table below.  The comparison table below is a complete list of private cord blood banks in the United States.  The table shows cord blood cost as well as other important information to consider when choosing a cord blood bank for you and your family.  Sort the table by clicking on the header row.

List of Private Cord Blood Banks in the United States

CompanyAccreditationTotal 1st Year CostsAnnual
Storage Fee
AlphaCordAABB (Main Laboratory)*$895*$115
CorCell (Cord Blood America)AABBUnavail.Unavail.
Cord Blood RegistryAABB$1,995$130
Cord Blood SolutionsAABB$1,795$125
Lifeforce CryobanksAABB$1,399$120
CryoCell InternationalAABB$1,720$125
Elie KatzAABB$1,770$120
LifeLine CryogenicsAABB$1,350$115
M.A.Z.E. LabsAABB$1,990Free
NeoCellsNone$1,295 + Shipping$115
New England Cord Blood BankAABB$1,975$125
PacifiCordCB, AABB$2,450$150
Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI)Unavil.Unavail.Unavail.
StemCyteAABB, FACT$2,125$125
Stork MedicalAABB$1,700$108
The Genesis BankAABB$1,275$125
Utah Cord BankNone$1,025$85
Xytex Cord Blood BankAABB in progress$1,525$100
We do our best to keep the information in this table accurate and updated. Please notify our staff should you notice any data that is outdated or incorrect.

*AlphaCord's main laboratory has been processing samples for over 20 years and is accredited by the AABB. AlphaCord offers multiple pricing packages for cord blood storage. The most cost effective package begins at $895 for first year storage. They also offer prepaid longer term storage options (pricing details).

Table Key

Accreditation: Tells you whether or not the bank is accredited by one or both of the industry standard accrediting agencies (AABB and FACT).  The California Biologics License (CB) is equivalent to AABB for banks located in the state of California.  Read more about cord blood banking accreditation.

Total 1st Year Costs: This is the total cost that parents will incur for the first year of cord blood banking (enrollment/admin fees, collection and processing fees, shipping, and 1st year storage).  In some instances, companies have chosen to not include shipping in their pricing and leave the shipping decision up to the customer.  In these cases, since shipping can vary, we have written “+Shipping”.  Although hard to estimate since it will largely depend upon where you live and where you are sending the cord blood too, we have seen shipping range from $40 – $150.  Review our article on cord blood banking costs for more details.

Annual Storage Fee: This is the recurring cost you will pay each year for storing the cord blood.